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Our Story

Charlie Mia Connective was brought to life in 2019, when founder Charlotte Verstappen arrived back from France with a dream of bringing a taste of Paris back to Auckland. After having lived through digestive-related health issues, it was important for Charlotte to create a range of allergy-friendly treats that would be nourishing, indulgent and accessible to everyone…


The development of our gluten-free and plant-based recipes was challenging, but rewarding. Each recipe was created through trial and error, using inspiration from online recipes or starting completely from scratch…and it took several years of failing, tweaking, learning and adapting to finally establish our signature range of doughnuts, pastries and cakes.

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Nourishing your well-being, inside and out

Throughout this time, Charlotte was also turning her passion for health and wellbeing into a career by completing a bachelor of Natural Medicine. She graduated as a Naturopath at the beginning of 2022, and this lead Charlie Mia to transition from a purely food-focused business to a more collective space of well-being.

Our Purpose

Through our nourishing food, our naturopathy services, our educational resources and our workshops we hope to give you the tools to create your own unique version of health. 

Why is this important to us?


Here at the Charlie Mia Connective we believe that our wellbeing isn’t determined by one single aspect of our life. It isn’t just our physical fitness, just our mental health, just our nutrition, just our sense of community…it is ALL of these things, and more. When we look at health, we need to see a web of interconnected threads, that each have an impact on our overall wellbeing. If we weave these threads together and focus on strengthening each of them alongside the others, we create something so much stronger and more sustainable. We create a safety net, so that if one thread becomes weak (if we break a bone, or lose a family member, or have a rough night’s sleep) our health is still supported by all the other threads that we have nourished and fortified.

Our Health

"When we look at health, we need to see a web of interconnected threads, that each have an impact on our overall wellbeing"

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