Naturopathic Consultations

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Here at the Charlie Mia Connective we believe that an individual's health is a culmination of their emotional, environmental, physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.


By addressing each of these aspects and creating an in-depth picture of your overall health, we are able to support and guide you in your health journey.


Initial Consultation

75 minutes


During this consultation we will explore the aspects of your health that you would like support with. We will also conduct an in-depth health history to create a thorough picture of your overall wellbeing.


Express Follow Up

15 minutes

This express consultation is designed for brief check-ins with your naturopath, if you have something to discuss, questions to ask, or would like to have a review of your supplements/herbal remedies.


Follow Up Consultation

30 minutes

During this appointment we will continue working towards your health goals, working in partnership to create an achievable long-term health plan.

Charlotte treated me for numerous symptoms over the year. Particularly one symptom which I just couldn't beat! Results now speak for themselves and I couldn't be happier with my wellbeing. Highly recommend Charlotte on her approach and professionalism and more importantly positive outcome.